Water Maple Question

ukbradc(6)January 25, 2010

I just purchased a home that has a smaller back yard (about 70ft by 60 ft) that has a huge water maple (70ft high or so) growing in the middle of it. The tree shades almost the entire back yard and the ground underneath it receives very little to no sunlight (MAYBE 2 hours per day in some places, none in others). Is there anything I can plant that will cover the ground, look decent, and be able to withstand foot traffic of myself and my large dog? I know very little about gardening, I am a newbie, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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This is a challenging planting situation. The area under the canopy of any large tree is often considered a dry shade condition, which requires some rather specific plant choices. But because many maples - the silver or swamp maple inlcuded - have very widespread and surface root systems that outcompete smaller plants, it's harder to get other plants established.

Check the FAQ for "what to plant under Norway maples" - exact same situation. Also do a search on this forum for "dry shade" to get other discussions on the same issue. Google will also give you various plant lists if you search under dry shade or dry shade groundcovers.

Regardless of how suitable a plant may be for dry shade, it will need some attention to help get established, including mulching, watering and maybe even additional fertilizing.

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