escallonia in the shade

mizzdrakeJanuary 28, 2010

I have a lovely small escallonia "donard seedling" that I would like to plant under a maple tree in my garden. After reading up on the plant, it seems that it prefers full sun to partial shade. Does 'under a maple tree' count as full shade, or should it be alright?

Also, I've read varying accounts of how big it will grow - does anyone have one in their garden who can attest to their size?


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I would find another location. The maple roots will compete with the escallonia and the maple will win :-) And while escallonia will tolerate some light shade, too much shade - like under a tree canopy - will make for very leggy growth and litle flowering. Escallonia is really a full sun plant. And a pretty good sized one at that - 5-6' tall and equally as wide is common but they can get much larger - 8-10'.

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