kiki.77October 14, 2012

Hi folks.

Wondering if anyone knows how to save seeds from a callaloo plant? The temps got down to 24 degrees 2 nights ago so I covered the tops where the plants come to a head with lightweight blankets and tied it to the stalks. The temps are back up to the 70s in the daytime and mid 50s at night but all of the foliage died in the frost-except what was covered. Obviously the plants have not "gone to seed" yet...

It is the first year I have grown callaloo. I would like to save the seeds-for myself and an organization nearby that helps refugees settle in the area (which includes letting the folks rent 1/8 of an acre to grow crops for their families and to sell at local farmers markets).

Thanks a bunch

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Which "callaloo" is this? Several plants go by that common name, depending on where you are, among other things.

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