radish seed pods not crisp?

tomatobob_va7(z7 VA)October 31, 2010

I saved a lot of radish plants that had gone to seed this year and dried them in my garage. Now I'd like to extract the seeds from the pods but it's not so easy. The pods are not dry and crunchy, but more kind of leathery-crumbly. Extracting the few seeds from each pod (3-4) would take too long.

Any good ideas out there? I'm thinking I might strip off the pods and grind them in a food processor, using the plastic blade. What do you think? Thanks for the advice.

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Before you put your plants in the garage (assuming you uprooted them out of the ground) were the seed pods brown and crispy prior??

From what I have read on radish, the stalks you can just break off and open the pods with your hand. For the other ones that do not open when rubbed you can use a rubber mallet. Yes there is only a small amount of seeds in each pod.

Here is a link, radishes are the 4th one down.

Here is a link that might be useful: SeedSave. org

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leave the seeds on the plant ,in the garden ,until the plant dies on its own .Then harvest the brown dried pods as you would peas in a pod . It takes a while .

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