Storing Lemon Seeds?

darkwolfe5October 11, 2009

OK, so my grandmother has this giant lemon bush/tree that's been there for longer than I've been alive...and it fruits year round...What I want to know is, how can I store seeds from some of these lemons till I can get around to plant at home?

I've been reading a lot that you aren't supposed to let citrus seeds dry out...if that's the case, CAN you store the seeds for any significant length of time? Then how do you go about germinating them when you're ready to plant?

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Keep the lemon whole. Pick a nice unblemished lemon before you go home, and it will stay good for awhile. Then when you want to plant, just cut open the lemon, remove the seeds and plant.

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so if I've been holding onto some citrus seeds that have been dried out for storage for a while....they're no this correct?

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Yes, you are correct. They need to stay moist. Once dry, their viability drops off quickly.

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