Coleus and Dart Frogs?

reptilegardener777January 18, 2014

Hi, Everyone,

I am considering setting up a dart frog terrarium, with live plants. I have some small Coleus plants that I would like to include in the tank (variegated green/purple variety). According to my research, the plant does not pose any danger to the frogs' health. However, would any of you recommend keeping Coleus in "froggy" conditions? I would only be using a small blue fluorescent tube, so light wouldn't be aggressive. The humidity has to be near 100 percent, but that does not necessarily require me to soak the soil completely (I would be spraying the surfaces of things with water, most of the time--unless the soil got too dry). It would probably be around 70-75F, inside the tank.

Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thank you very much, in advance.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

while coleus will grow in such conditions tends to get leggy
and spindly. Since you mention the setup for dartfrogs all plantings should be around those needs. naturally . Check out the gazillion sites around the web for info. Just google "Dartfrogs " will give you several months of reading lol
Another choice is" VIvariums" Good luck with those frogs
living works of art!!! gary

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