Salvia subincisa

kermitcNovember 25, 2012

Does anyone know where one can obtain seed of the Southwestern US native species?



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Just googled that the crushed leaves smell of skunk! Also related to the weedy S. reflexa, with even smaller flowers. But of course, we have to try it. Seem to recall another USA native Salvia having a dreadful smell....mohavensis perhaps?


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This one has a history of herbal use by the indigenous people of the southwest. And it grows in some pretty dry areas. I hope to find some so that we can trial it next years.

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Fingers crossed that you come across seeds as I would also love to try this one.......

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Yeah.......well, Annette, you like the stinky weeds!!!!! It was mohavensis which had an awful smell. Always germinated here, got one or two flowers.....then it croaked...but maybe ok in Queensland but without any humidity...doubt if that is possible there.

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Humidity is Townsville's middle name lol.

Yws if it a salvia then I have to try it stinky or not,I dont
know what skunks smell like so I maybe in for a BIG shock heheheh....

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

If it is related to reflexa, it may be invasive. S. reflexa is banned as a potential weed in Oz, and has escaped in South Africa, as I recall.

I'm finding out that S. caymanensis self-sows rather easily. It has small blue flowers, but fairly nice foliage.

S. lasiocephala has also self-sown, but the flower heads aren't very showy in North Carolina. Maybe they will look nicwer in California. S. nilotica hardly is worth growing for me, but was much nicer at Cabrillo.

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