a landscaping dilemma

ikea_gwJanuary 13, 2010

I have a landscaping problem that I have been mulling over for a year now. Maybe someone here can give me some good advice.

At the end of my lawn, I have two very large oak trees and 3 beautiful 15 feet tall beech trees between them. In front of these trees, I have two blue hydrangea that are about 6 feet apart. Right now there are coneflowers and Japanese anemone surrounding the two hydrangea, but it always seems that I needed some evergreen structural plants between the hydrangea and also behind them there to provide more of a structure. Any idea for something that gets 3 hours of morning sun? I thought about rhododendron.

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For zone 7, there are a good number of shade tolerant broadleaf evergreen shrubs - rhododendrons and azaleas, nandina, mahonia, skimmia, Japanese holly, Leucothoe, various vacciniums. Also ferns and groundcovers. Yews may be a good choice - extremely shade tolerant and there are golden and spreading forms as well as upright ones.

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