when are moonflower seeds ripe

suzegarden(z5mo)October 17, 2005

I have done a lot of searching, and still haven't come up with a definitive answer to this question. I have several large pods on my moonflower vine, but they aren't dried up, and when I opened one up, the seeds inside were white. Will they actually dry up on the vine, and if so, how long does it usually take? Thanks. suzegarden

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cribscreek(z7/8 NC)

Don't know if this helps, but the seed pods on my moon flower vine turned brown and dry before I plucked them off and the seeds seem to be just right. They seem to get quite dried out before splitting open - so far I haven't seen any split open, but the seeds are well developed, and rattle when the pod is shaken which is what I was told to look for.

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The seed pod will turn brown & dry up & crack & then the seeds are ready. I placed pieces of panty hose over some of the pods so the seeds are contained when the pods crack. Hope this helps you.

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Thanks for the replies. Will the seeds continue to ripen on the vine after it freezes? I have several seed pods, but none of them are dry, and we are getting very close to freezing temps. Would it be better to go ahead and pick them off now, or wait and see what happens after the frost?Thanks again. Suzegarden

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plays_in_dirt_dirt(Z7A VA bordering NC state line)

I had a large stand of them in Kansas and I never saved seeds. They dropped seeds and reseeded for years. They grew in ordinary clay soil with no amendments. All I did was water during the blistering summer. I also have them in a corner of the yard here in Virginia and they have self-sowed for three years now. I saved seeds this year to try my hand at winter sowing (just discovered the forum and website about a month ago.) I waited to clip the pods after they turned brown and were just beginning to crack. Seeds were light to medium brown.

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AdamM321(MA z5/6)

Hi Suzegarden..

I am having the same questions/concerns. The questions got answered when we had freezing temps this week. The pods that were not quite ripe turned to mush. I imagine you found the same thing. I had one pod that was close to ripe and I picked that, but I have my doubts to it's viability.

I would think living in zone 5, I am not going to be able to collect seed from them. They bloom so late, there just isn't enough time for them to ripen before freezing temps.

Oh well...just one of those plants I will have to trade seeds for each year.


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cribscreek(z7/8 NC)

I'm not sure how the seed pods work. I started several in February inside with a light. I kept some, and gave some to family members, all who live in the same area or close-by. It was odd to see that I was the only one that got more than a few seedpods, and much earlier than everyone else. The only difference I know of is that I fertilized with a balanced fertilizer, and watered the plants often after they were set out. Unless mine got more sun than everyone elses, I have no idea why mine did so much better. I did have tons of hummingbird moths every evening while they were blooming, but I'm sure the others did too. Almost all of my seedpods ripened on the vine however I did also have a few that were too late (zone 7b). Maybe someone that knows more about this will post, I would like to find out as well, because I really love the vine.

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plays_in_dirt_dirt(Z7A VA bordering NC state line)

suzegarden and Adam, if you want seeds, email me. I have enough to share. Mine is datura, also called jimson weed and has large, trumpet-like flowers that open in the evening or on cloudy days and smell faintly of lemon. The plant is bushy yet airy, 4-5 feet tall and at least that wide. The seed pod is about the size of an English walnut and has sharp needles/spines all over it. I mention that because we might not be talking about the same plant. Mine is not a vine.

Barbara in Virginia

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AdamM321(MA z5/6)


Thanks Barbara for the offer of seeds...we are definitely not talking about the same seed. Ours is a tall vine that has very large maybe 9" across white flowers that open in the evening and are fragrant like shampoo...lol. They are like a morning glory but the flowers are larger and open at night. I have the datura seeds as well, but thank you very much for offering them!


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kimpa(z6b PA)

My moonflowers have not produced viable seed. I have learned that since it is a tender perennial not an annual, it just does not have enough time in these cold climates to finish making its seed. One poster explained her way of taking cuttings with seed pods on it and placing them in a sunny window to continue maturing. I have not tried this. Since I just want one vine per year, a seed packet lasts me a few years anyway. But as cribscreek describes, starting them early may give them enough growing days to give you seeds.

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I have had the vines for about three years now and have been collecting the seed for as long. I wait till the pod turns brown and the seeds rattle as in the fore mentioned post, my seeds though are not brown?, they are white, just as the flower is, i've gotten the occasional black seed, but when planted came up just as quick and nice as the white seeds?

I love this vine, i plant along the fence near my azaleas cuase the horses dont seem to like them so they stay away from the azaleas. I have bucket loads of seed every year, traded some down to about a coffee cup full now.

They can take the cooler climate, so i think if started earlier they would be safe to go out in the spring as long as there are no more frosts.

They are rampant growers here in Louisiana, and the moths that come in the evening to feed seem to be too!

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larry_c(z6 Stl. Mo.)

My moonflower produced a couple of hundred seeds in St. Louis..still some hanging on the vine..

Crazy Larry

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My question is do I have a vine or do I have a bush? My moonflower is just about a 6 foot circle. Until tonight the most blooms we have had on it was 11....however tonight there are 17 opening.

I would like to know if it is considered a vine or bush....

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It sounds like you have Datura or Brugsmania, not moonflower vine.
Also, so you know, it is best to start your own thread instead of adding on to a very old existing one. I just happened to be curious as to why the thread popped up and saw your question.

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