Some of the perennial salvias... have you tried them?

chloeashaJanuary 1, 2013

I'm wondering how some of the salvias such as S. patens or S. guaranitica (just examples, not my limit of species!) do in bright shade. I get 1-2 hours of sun, but my shade is from being on the north side of a building and many plants do better than expected. :) I have been wishing to have a blue lavender/salvia/catmint-type flower. I know some salvias tolerate shady conditions. Any experience with trying some? Thanks!

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lynnt(Z7 MD)

I grow both Caradonna (Black & Blue) and Guaranitica (Argentine Skies) in areas with about 3 hours of afternoon sun, and they do/bloom just fine and spread. This is in Zone 7B in hte Washington DC suburbs.


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Thanks, LynnT! I will check into those!

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lynnt(Z7 MD)

If you contact me in March or April, I can send you a piece of each -- got anything to trade?


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Probably not at the moment. My little balcony is pretty small and I traded a lot this fall. Sorry :( But thank you for the offer! That was super awesome!

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My sagittata and macrophylla are doing fantastic in my shade garden.

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Not a salvia or nepeta, but pulmonaria (lungwort) loves the shade and has charming flowers in the spring that start out pink and turn blue. The variety I have in my shady garden turns a wonderful cobalt blue. After the flowers are gone the silvery-spotted leaves will continue to brighten the shaded garden throughout the season. This plant, like our native mertensia virginica (bluebells) is in the borage family and you will see the similarity of the clusters of nodding flowers.

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lynnt(Z7 MD)

Indeed! My favorite pulmonaria is Benediction -- the leaves aren't fancy, but it has the most intense blue flowers! I also love the small bulb with sapphire bells Scilla sibirica, which I have scattered through my front lawn along with crocuses, chionodoxia, and other ephemerals. I won't let my husband mow until they have faded, usually by mid-April.

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talking about pulmonaria....I love mine, but it has been flopping. I had salvia as well in a part sun location. It would open up in the middle and flop all the time after bloom. Moved it to a sunnier spot. Seems to be better off now.

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