How soon is too soon on Sweet Autumn clematis?

roflol(Z6 MO)October 2, 2007

First year to flower for me, and mmmmmmm-mmmmmm-good! The seeds are set now but very green. I'm noting that some of them have dried fluff tails and some have dropped off - but none of the seed heads are brown as I have seen in pictures, all are still green! Is it too early to pick the seeds and let them dry off the vine so they are saved and viable (and not wasted on my neighbor's lot, who will just poison them anyway should they come up!), or are these doomed if they don't turn brown before falling off anyway?


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Hi Terri,
Resist the temptation to pick them, lol! The ones falling off may be seeds that didn't get fertilized. One that aren't fertilized are tiny and not plump at the base. I wish I had a pic! I'll try to remember tomorrow while it is light out after I get home from work. Anyway, one thing you can do is bag them. Those little sheer party favor bags work nice, old pantyhose too.

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roflol(Z6 MO)

Thanks, Remy! I know what you mean by being plump at the base... I didn't consider that the "fallen ones" might have been infertile. I'll have to look around and see if I find more of those still hanging on just to see what they look like on the vine. Typically when have you harvested yours?

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Hi Terri,
Ok, I'm glad you know what I mean. Often people save the seeds not realizing that sometimes they never got fertilized. It is odd too, some varieties seem to have lots of ripe seeds while others have hardly any. I just collected seeds of one variety that blooms fairly early. I'm watching another that blooms a bit later. They are almost ready. My sweet autumn is just a baby, so I don't know about it in particular.

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