Two Salvias from A World of Salvias

gerris2November 30, 2006

I really enjoyed these two species, Salvia muirii and Salvia 'Mulberry Jam' that I bought from A World of Salvias this year. The both flowered up fast and almost all summer long, happily in small containers. A vision of a group of penguins came to mind when I took the pictures of S. muirii. I was able to get a few seeds of muirii so will try to bring it back this year. Thanks, Richard!


This is Salvia muirii:

This is Salvia 'Mulberry Jam':

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thanks Joseph for the images

I¨m waiting anxiously my camera (is broken now)
to post some of my salvia´s

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Is that the one from Argentina? I have that I bought it from plants delight

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

My Salvia muirii came from Companion Plants and is a native of South Africa. Seedlings from Seedhunt may be from the same stock.

Salvia involucrata x 'Mulberry Jam' is originally from Betsy Clebsch's garden. I think I got mine during a visit to California in the 80s. The other parent is something like S. chiapensis or S. greggii.

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Sorry It's similiar to meyeri in spelling and no one seems to know anything about the meyeri except plants delight.

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Re Salvia meyeri, which has become a popular, and attractive Salvia in the UK, also completely is now thought that it is now Salvia meyeri at all! This information comes from the French botanist, Christian Froissart, who now has recognised it as Salvia rhinosina, which is also from Argentina!

This must certainly not get confused with the beautiful South African species, Salvia muirii (even sometimes wrongly called S. murrayi!!!) They could not be more different....except that the flowers are blue and white!
Meyeri or rhinosina, or whatever, is a gem here, totally reliable, if rather large and untidy, whereas muirii is a small shrub, and a bit shy to flower here.

Hope this adds to the confusion......Robin.

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Meant to say "not" meyeri as opposed to "now" meyeri!


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Thanks Robin and Richard Whoever names salvias must be related to the person who names birds

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Great shots! Did you have them in full sun to keep them blooming most of the summer? And what kind of camera did you use? Terrific pictures!

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Salvia muirii is indeed honorific of John Muir, the ecologist. I do not know who Meyer was.

S. muirii needs to reach a good size with 30 to 50 stems coming out of the base before blooming. Sometimes you can get blooms on smaller plants if the cuttings were from stems that were about to bloom.

S. meyeri is an irregular bloomer for me. It does not like summer heat.

Both like sun and drainage. Muirii will stay a good for 3 - 6 years while in one pot if the soil has good drainage, and does not get steam cooked in the summer. Thinning out the base is a good idea for the summer mugs and other wet weather.

Meyeri has a tendency to pick up spider mites. It periodically dies back after putting out a cycle of growth. It forms tubers like guaranitica and will get fussy if overwatered when it wants a rest.

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

Rich, the Salvia muirii I got from you in June bloomed all summer even though it was a small plant to start. It's in the garage now, under lights, and hopefully I'll get it through 'til next spring. Anything different about overwintering it compared to other salvias?

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

If you keep it close to the fluorescent bulbs, don't overwater it, and don't let it freeze (40 degrees F is good), it should be fine. Incandescent lights will burn the foliage if it is too close to the bulb.

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