Moss growing in flower bed.

april_wine(z7 Tennessee)January 25, 2013

I have a small flower bed where my backyard meets wooded area. It is on the North side of my home. Moss grows very lush in this area. What does that mean? I have plants in this bed and added some last year and they all do fairly well. But is it worth continuing to add more plants?

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Moss grows well on shady, moist and undisturbed soil. Those that must be what conditions you have.

The nice thing about moss is that it makes a nice nursery for any plants that drop small seeds. So if you have plants that you want more of, sprinkle the seeds into the moss and then wait for the seedlings and transplant later.

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april_wine(z7 Tennessee)

I had no idea seeds could be started in moss! I am going to try this! The area is shady, just underneath over hang of trees at the edge of woods. I love the way the moss looks too.

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pamelagrace(7b Raleigh NC)

I love moss and try to encourage it where ever it pops up. Carefree and beautiful to look at. Makes me thankful I have lots of shade.

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jadie88(7 MD)

I'm another on the pro-moss is beautiful stuff and I welcome it wherever it pops up. My 6 and 3 year old have a fairy garden where they transplant moss to (their idea) and it looks lovely!

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Love moss. bring it in from other areas :) and we also have a fairy garden... well, tree really! lol. The moss around it adds a fairy feel :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Yes, shade gardening is much more sedate but so rewarding later when you can step into the relief and see your pretty plants. Moss is awesome stuff, I love seeing and feeling it when I can. Unsuited to this yard but would love to have some! The presence of moss will be helpful in serving as mulch and ground cover for the plants you add, a great thing, IMO. It does mean your shade is very deep, so stuff that says "part shade" might not make it.


Woodland plants would do well there. The ones I remember from southern OH are Trillium, Solomon's Seal, Jack-in-the-pulpit, Phlox divicarta, Maianthemum, mayapple, Pulmonaria, Columbine, Hosta (though not native,) Violets, sorry for the mix of common/latin, that's how they are in my head, and not sure all would be happy in TN.

Also sooo many "fru fru" garden plants that do well in shade. At the garden center, perennials should be separated by sun lovers vs. shade needers.

Little understory trees like dogwood, redbud. Shrubs like Azalea and Hydrangea.

White and pastel/light colored flowers show up much better in the shadows... as well as variegated foliage. Different shades of green, as well as touches of white, sometimes reddish, purple foliage, make a wonderful, calming tapestry in the shade.

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I too find moss ALL OVER. I have a lot of shade. I have learned to celebrate it. I have areas that "should" be grass..but the moss is green so what the heck and hey it doesn't need mowing. I have moss popping up in a bed I plant annual impatience in, so the undisturbed isn't always so. I just love that something is growing and keeping the dust/mud down.

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Peggy Prewitt Smith

What about the plants that are already there? Will they come up under it?

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Walking on moss covered ground, especially in bare feet, after a warm summer heavenly. Try it some time.

Moss tends to prefer acidic environments, so likely you have provided that.

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