Columbine Seeds, all black?

michiganaliceOctober 25, 2006


I was wondering if anyone knew if ALL Columbine varieties had black, shiny seeds?

I have a plant that looks like a Columbine, that is it's flowers and leaves. But.....the seeds aren't shiny and black like other Columbines.

The seeds on my plant come from a pod that also looks like a Columbine but the seeds are kind of brown/grey and dull, not shiny. They look like Larkspru or Delphinium seeds but the plant only gets to be about as tall as a Columbine.

Any ideas? And...thank you.

Alice, michiganalice

Here is a link that might be useful: If anyone wants to trade seeds......

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I've collected seeds from 4-5 different Columbine species, and all of them had both shiny black seeds and a few dull gray seeds. I've been able to detect no difference in germination between the two. I'd guess 90% are shiny black.

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magus(8a BC)

All columbine seeds are black and look like little pouches sealed on one side, but not all of them are shiny, I've found. Some are rather matte. There are other plants that have leaves like columbines (some corydalises, for example, have similar leaves, and their seeds can range from shiny black - but are like little discuses - to pale-coloured, to reddish). I haven't quite figured out what they are yet that are growing in my pots, but I'm pretty sure they are weeds of some sort. Don't throw away those seeds yet, though. You never know...

Your seeds could be some variety of delphinium, though. Some are very short, and I believe they may have leaves like columbines. They are also related. Alternatively, maybe monkshood or something (generally tall, but there are shorter varieties too, and also related)?

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