Salvia eizi-matudae

rich_dufresne(z7 NC)November 25, 2012

This is a fine new sage, related to S. curviflora, S. littae, and S. purpurea. It is found in Chiapas, and has a similar bloom period (late autumn and winter); the flowers ar a little over an inch long, but the spike is pretty tight. It should be a good hummer plant for the west coast, gulf coast and Florida.

I got a plant from Tony Avent, via cuttings taken in august. I had trouble germinating the seed, but Tony had better luck. Only one of the cuttings made it, and I think Tony's plant in his trial garden died from 100 degree stress.

The seed came from either Robin Middleton or Rolando Uria. I hope others had better luck, and that it will become available over the next year or so.

Anyway, this will be on my list for next year.

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A nice Salvia....but temperamental in the UK, will flower in a good summer, otherwise in Autumn. Not in my top ten here, but can be really good in a warmer climate.

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This one grew well for us this season. Blooms quite late, which leaves it prone to the sometimes-fierce Winter weather here (like today with 45 MPH winds). My guess from the way it grows is that after being in the ground a full season it will be sturdy enough to stand up to the weather.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

And perhaps bloom earlier, once it is established.

Perhaps this has been a season where sages were really late to bloom this autumn not just in most of the USA.

I wonder if this pattern also was true on the West Coast and Europe.

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Definitely true in the UK.

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