Purple Majesty Millet Seed Color?

shlisten(Z5 ont canada)October 10, 2005

I managed to get my hands on a broken stalk of millet covered with tan colored seeds, but noticed that the other stalks have red seeds, do they turn color or are they not fully ripened because the stock was broken.

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I think the seeds should be brown, like bird seed. I think that the red ones are not mature, I harvested the brown from a stalk that was not broken. Supposedly, they will not come true, but I think it is worth a shot.

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The seeds are a tan color but they have a papery coating that makes them look red.I put mine on a paper plate to dry and the covering will come off when completely dry.I have collected seed from mine 3 years now and I have no problem with them, the plants are always purple.I think this thing about the plants MAY not look like the originals is a marketing gimmic,so people will go out and buy new plants.One thing I do know for sure is when you grow these seeds,don't let them get rootbound in the pots as they will stop growing.

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