New seed saver - question

dinajean(upstate SC -Zone 7b)October 31, 2007

This will be my first attempt at seed-saving through the winter. I have an extra fridge in which I can store seeds. The seeds I have collected are: wild dill seed, morning glory, pandorea vine, red trumpet flower, four o clocks, hyacinth bean vine, cant remember what else without going over there and looking, but my question is:

Can I store the seeds in little jars in the fridge or should I put them in envelopes? I would appreciate any advice ASAP so I can make sure I am properly storing my seeds and they will make it till spring. Then what do I do in the spring? Do they need to come out of the fridge and get to room temp for a certain period of time before I sow them? Thanks in advance for any help! I really am excited about trying plants this way.

Dina :)

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Hi Dina,
There are a few seeds better stored cold, but for most regular garden seeds it is not necessary. Unless you are planning on long term storage or your house is very hot and humid, you don't need to store them in the fridge. Of course you can though, and as I just said they will last longer. Make sure the seeds are completely dry(again this is mostly true. There are a few seeds out there that should stay moist.) before putting in the fridge. Once completely dry, you can put them in jars. I would be worried about paper in the fridge and excess moisture coming from somewhere. You should let them come to room temp before opening.

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