How much can I cut back my red honeysuckle

lilionJanuary 13, 2013

I have a trellis, about 12 feet long and 8 feet high, that screens my patio from a neighbor. It gets shade on the lawn side and sun on the patio side. I planted four red honeysuckle about five years ago on the shady side, hoping to have a nice thick screen of flowers. Instead, the vines grew literally straight up the screen - really straight, two or three vines weaving in and out of the trellis with no branches at all - and then over the top, so that it is only branched up at the top. I really should have cut it back the first year, when I realized it wasn't going to branch, but I didn't. I'm wondering, if I cut it back now will it branch? Or will I just kill it? If I can cut it, when do I do it? How far back can I cut it? Thank you in advance for any ideas.

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Cut it back in the spring after frost and you can cut it pretty far back.

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