Callistephus chinensis - China Aster 'Hulk'

roflol(Z6 MO)October 20, 2007

Rec'd these last year in trade and WS'd them, and two came up. .. unfortunately I did not take notes on what the seeds looked like. e_e

Stems have dried up, heads not all so dry and not so brown but the smaller one I sacrificed to see if there was seed present and/or ready... no fluff, but there are multiple teardrop-shaped tan bits that if I had to guess I'd sure call them seeds... The seed site does not list asters or callistephus that I could see. Does anybody know what I should be saving on these? Thanks for any help.


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Hi Terry,
Yes, the seeds look like what you have described. : )

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roflol(Z6 MO)

Yippee! Thanks, Remy. I figured they were, and there actually ended up being some fluff in the heads, just not like say gazania fluff or dandelion fluff, it was more like the finest of animal fur and not clumped. I eventually saw some on *one* of the seeds and that really sealed it for me last night that I had figured out the right thing, and your post confirmed it for me. I may be getting the hang of this. :-)

Thanks again! Regarding the plant, maybe you could answer another question (perhaps I got the seeds from you, or perhaps not...again it would help if I kept notes but that's just not my strong point, but either way...):

They ended up being rather tall and lanky and fell over rather early, and that's not how they look in the photos online (but not sure I saw photos of the whole plant to begin with). I didn't do anything but plant them in the ground and keep them watered.

Would it have helped any if I had pinched back at some point? Before my tomatoes I wasn't a pincher at all, but the tomatoes have given me some courage and I may try these again next year if they will get bushier with a trick or two.

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Hi Terry,
You're welcome : )
I got my seeds last winter from the only GWer who seemed to have seeds. I'm not sure if the trader gave me lots and I sent some to you or if you traded with the same person.
I grew mine in a big pot and didn't have flop. They did grow pretty tall. I wonder if your soil was richer than mine or maybe you watered better than I do? Lol, I can be pretty abusive to my plants!
I can't see pinching back early hurting though being they are a late bloomer.
Oh, the fine "animal fur", I've got a bag full of it and seeds! I collected a bunch of flowers at the same time and did not know I would be spending so much of my time trying to separate it from seeds!!

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