Texas Bluebell

tanncoOctober 11, 2006

I have a question about Texas Bluebells. I bought the only plant my local The Plant Shed had in early summer because it was so pretty. There was a tag that stated it was a Texas Bluebell but that is it, no other information.

It had turned out so pretty but we had a horrible storm a few weeks ago here in Texas and it damaged some of my plants, some look as though a storm never occured, others like my Bluebell look like a tornado hit them, which is pretty much what happened.

Now the plant is dying and what was flowers are dried up. However the pods are dropping. If I open them up can I use the seeds next year or is there something I need to do so I can. I am in the process of having a backyard greenhouse built in our back lot. But it will probably be next year before I actually am ready to use it.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

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