Salvias that talk to me

hummersteveDecember 17, 2006

Its strange that noone has told me about this. Of all the info I have acquired from this forum and I have been told much. I recently came across some scarlet sage seeds of which I started a few for experimentation of which one in particular has now grown to 6inches tall. Now I have had these plants under a shop light from the getgo and when they have been under these lights from 12-16 hrs a day the upper two leaves will droop drastically letting me know its ready for sleep or dark. When I turn the lights back on 8hrs or so later the leaves are back to their original upright and perky position. This happens every night. Now, IM assuming that when these plants are in the ground that they will react the same way and Ive not read of this anywhere in this forum, have I missed something? And should I say to them--nightie-nite when I turn out the lights?

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Sounds to me like your lights are a little too close.

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