Some Austins and antiques

mashamclAugust 14, 2009

Here is the next installment:-)


Bishop's Castle

Rosette Delizy

Crepuscule bud

Christopher Marlowe

Gruss An Aachen


Sharifa Asma

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Oh wow! You have some great roses! Keep those rose pics coming!


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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Aaah, some more eye candy!

I love them all, but the second photo of Janet is outstanding to me, because it shows so perfectly the delicacy of this rose!

It is nice how you captured in the first photo of Bishop's Castle how the sun plays with the rose.

The combination of Sharifa Asma and the light blue flowers is very pleasing. Are the light blue flowers coming from a Plumbago shrub?

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Thank you, Jim.

Organic, yes it's plumbago. The combination was accidental, being new to California we initially planted it in part sun where it did nothing except slowly defoliate. So we moved it to its present spot just to see what it would do (we lost the tag so I didn't even know for awhile what it was called, let alone how to take care of it). Now every time I see Sharifa and plumbago together I think, wow gardening by accident does work!:o)


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Masha, I have some of the same roses as you such as Janet, Bishop's Delight and Rosette Delizy, but mine are mostly "resting" while yours are blooming so beautifully. Thanks for the lovely pictures. It would be so interesting to see pictures of your garden as a whole in addition to the close-ups. Can you be persuaded?


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Thank you for both your comments, Ingrid. I can easily be persuaded to make full garden shots, but my camera cannot. Actually I don't have a camera but a camcorder and it is bad at wide shots. Pretty much everything becomes a blur:-(. But if you happen to be in the Bay Area you are welcome to see my roses in person.


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phatboyrose(N/W FL. - 8)

I love Austin roses I planted 14 of them this last spring; can't wait to mine are as beautiful as yours. SHARIF ASMA is just stunning. THANKS FOR SHARING.

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Your roses are gorgeous---great photography--


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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Masha, thanks for confirming that the light blue flowers belong to a Plumbago plant.

I agree "gardening by accident" can be great. I feel often that nature easily beats the best planned plant combination by human beings at least the ones that I have designed :-)!

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Thank you, everybody!


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Beautiful roses Masha! I love JANET and SHARIFA ASMA. My JANET is doing great, but SHARIFA isn't so hot. Haven't had a bloom in a long time. I have horrible volcanic clay soil, and haven't gotten all the beds amended well enough (obviously). One whole section of my DA rose corral beds does almost nothing. And, of course, SHARIFA's on that side. I can't believe how many buds yours has. That's gonna be a spectacular sight when the rest of those buds open up. You'll hafta post a pic of that!!

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

I love your Christopher Marlowe and Janet. They are SO beautiful!!!

I had CM at my old house, and I adored the colors, although it stayed VERY small for me.

What do you think of Janet overall? Such size and delicacy at the same time!!


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Wow to that capture of Christopher Marlowe.

I'm wondering if your blue flowered plant is a woodland phlox. Plumbago grows like a weed in full sun --- mine wants to be 10 feet tall.

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Iris_gal, mine is a shrub and looks very much like plumbago. It was neglected for a while and then moved, I was hoping to keep the size down with pruning, but 10 ft tall sounds scary:-).

Carol, Janet here is a climber. I tried to grow it as a big shrub, but it was no good - it grew those notorious octopus canes with a cluster of heavy blooms on top, when the blooms opened they became too heavy and plopped face down into the dirt:-(. You are so far north though that it might not apply. It is a very clean rose here, no PM or rust at all, even now the foliage is beautiful. I used to have it in part sun and it balled regularly. I was itching to SP but moved it to full sun against a fence and giving it a last chance. It has gorgeous delicate blooms, but definitely a challenge for me to grow. No fragrance, by the way.

Beth, I am sorry about your Sharifa and I am glad Janet is doing well for you. Here are some more pics of Sharifa.


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I love plumbago. 3 (?) winters ago the unusual cold temps blackened the entire shrub. It bounced back. Established hibiscus didn't.

Thanks for the bush pics of Sharifa. I'm seeing a new rose on my way to work that may be it. Next flush I'll take pics.

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Masha, it made me almost happy, that you have moved away from the idea to shovel prune Janet, at least for now. It is such an unbelievable pretty rose. I hope that she will understand that she has one last chance and will do better for you in her new location.

The new photos of Sharifa Asma are almost surreal in their beauty. I am really amazed how many blooms this rose is producing for you in the summer heat with flowers keeping their perfect shape and color. Another rose that just went on my wish list, sigh...

Thanks for posting the new pictures!

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Great photos ! The bush shots of Sharifa Asma are beautiful.
This rose grows well on its own roots if you want to grow anymore of it for yourself.

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I love the Rosette Delizzy! I think I'm going to have to have one. Do you have any trouble with yours, or any advice for me? I'm in zone 9, coastal Calif. Are you happy with the rebloom? Thanks!

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Thanks, iris_gal, Organic and Rosemeadow.

Ermingarde, I like RD a lot. It is very fragrant for me and blooms well in half day sun. The color deepens as blooms age. Clean foliage. I am not in coastal Cal, but Jeri who is says it is one of her favorite roses.


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