Flower Saving Marigold & Daisy

farmermiller01October 21, 2011

Hey everyone, I have three simple questions :-D

I am not sure how to start saving these seeds. I'm guessing the Daisies are ready for saving since all of their petals fell off.

1) Is this a correct assumption?

Marigolds on the other hand,

2) how do you know when the seeds are ready?

I tried taking apart a marigold and found this little guy inside of the heart.

3)Any idea what it is? (it did have some web it was hanging from and it is about 1/4 inch long)

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My rule of thumb for marigolds is this, if the head is drying up and turning brown, I tug on, if it pops off easily its ready, if there is some resistance then i leave it alone, if it accidentally pops off anyway then oh well, throw it in a paper bag, let them all dry out and you'll never know the difference. You soon learn as i did, that seed companies provide you with less than one head's worth of seeds when you buy a pack.

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yup looks that way. I have a bunch of daisies that i'm going to be collecting for giggles. too bad all of my marigolds aren't producing flowers now.

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Looks like a tent or army worm if they are in webs hanging from a tree. They love the leaves and you will find web nest in the trees above if this is what you have there as there are many out there that look the same.

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it did have a web back when I found it. there were no trees around, maybe 100 feet in the air but I doubt they would have dangled so far down.

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