susanlynne48(OKC7a)December 3, 2009

Sorry, but I keep trying to search for salvia seeds on the internet, excluding divinorum which is the drug that some people use, so I do a boolean search "NOT divinorum" and all it brings up is divinorum. I assume it is because these annoying, annoying websites do not support boolean terminology. I am darned if I do and darned if I don't.

I want every other salvia seed listing in the world but NOT this particular species.

Any suggestions for those of you who do a lot of net surfing?


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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Salvia divinorum sets seed very poorly. Don't worry about that plant. It and its extracts and other products are on the path of becoming Class 1 controlled plants and substances.

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How come you have not seen my seed list, around for 2 months....but now nearly sold out. No divinorum there! It is mentioned on with a link to email me at
Hope to hear from you....but I am selling out of various species every day.


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Yes, do check out Robin's seed list. Has it been updated with what is left (I must resist, must resist... :) ?

I went to a hort sale recently, and the salvia propagator asked if I wanted to buy the divinorum. I asked if the flowers were pretty. Answer: no. So I was not interested! LOL

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Using Google, If you don't want a term to show in the results then you immediately precede it with a minus sign "-" with no space between the minus sign and the unwanted term. Such as: Salvia seed -divinorum

Hope that's of some help & Happy seed hunting!

P.S. Seedhunt sells many Salvia seeds.I haven't ordered personally but I bet a lot of people on this forum have and they also have a great score on Garden Watchdog.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seedhunt

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Thanks, you guys are great, once again I can't thank you enough.

Robin I will definitely check you out, as I will Seedhunt

Danita thanks for the search help. I got used to using Boolean and also term searching on Westlaw when I was a paralegal. Guess the net is beyond my grasp now since I have been away from that profession awhile now.


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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Please, those of you who want to try winter sowing, do this only with alpine and other temperate sages. Tropicals will just rot off, with only a few exceptions.

Robin laboriously hand pollinates many of his seeds, so I'd germinate these precious seeds very conservatively. I've done some hand pollination myself, and I don't get many for all the trouble.

I'd rather use rock garden techniques at stratification myself. I think some of Norman Deno's publications are still available.

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Actually, I have only tried hand-pollination a few times, without success. I spend a lot of time collecting seeds from my garden, and have a useful contact in Argentina, who sends me many seeds of species which do not normally set seed in England.

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