Salvia rubescens

voodoobrewDecember 3, 2011

I'm curious as to why this salvia isn't seen more often in the trade. There is a large clump of it (it looks like a spreader) blooming at UCB Botanical, and it's so pretty. Grey-green leaves with a silvery sheen, black calyces and BRIGHT red flowers, similar to blepharophylla in color. I've never seen it offered for sale there.

I started seeds of it ~ 2 years ago, and the plants are still very small. It's frustrating!

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One reason it is not common in the trade is the bloom season. Winter bloomers are not well represented, because of the increased costs of production and the smaller off-season market. This species in particular is very difficult to make "look good" in small containers. We offer it locally but have never on our site.

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