Viburnum plicatum v. tomentosum lacks blooms

linrose(6b KY)February 16, 2007

My Doublefile Viburnum has not produced flowers in the the 3 seasons I've had it. It is now over my head in height and has no problem putting out new growth but I've yet to see it flower. Dirr proclaims it flowers as well in shade as in sun so what's up??? Granted it only gets dappled shade most of the day and maybe an hour or two of full sun in the late afternoon. I may relocate it to a moister, sunnier site and remove that horrible Endless Summer hydrangea that refused to bloom at all for me last year. (note to self: don't fall for marketing hype anymore!) I can't wait to see those horizontal branches covered with snow-like blossoms.

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Vickie56(7 Texas)

I was hoping to get one of those this spring. I have also read that it will bloom in shade. I haven't even gotten it yet, but am already feeling disappointed after reading your post. ALL of my area is dapple shade. What is a shade gardener to do??? Good luck on your new location.


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linrose(6b KY)

I'm thinking it's more of a moisture thing rather than a sun thing. From what I've learned this species is known for being a bit more finicky than most in its moisture requirements. All in all I think it will be to the plant's, and my, benefit if I move it where it can get more sun AND more moisture so out goes Endless Summer! As an added benefit it will be in the company of 'Summer Snowflake' which may help with fruiting (although it's not a big one for fruit - I'm just hoping for bloom.) Hopefully I won't need a Bobcat to dig it out - and that it's tough enough to withstand transplanting again.

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I'm not sure moisture is an issue, but sun very well may be. There is a mass planting of them on an untended hillside near me and they receive full sun for about 5-6 hours during the middle of the day and NO supplemental water - they bloom like maniacs. My own is in mostly sun and doesn't get a lot of additional irrigation and it also blooms magnificently.

BTW, Dirr's comments on these shrubs is "some shade, supplemental water and mulch are recommended in the South". (emphasis mine)

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linrose(6b KY)

Ahhh, my aching bones! Moved the Maresii today - dug out the Endless Summer hydrangea (which lost most of its branches over the winter - I don't know why people think it's hardy to zone 4). With the use of a breaker bar and two shovels my husband and I pried the viburnum out and moved it by lifting the root ball onto a tarp and sliding it to its new location. Note to self: never move a three year old shrub again!!! Hopefully it will be happier in its new home and won't suffer significant setbacks due to the move. It will get more sun and significantly more moisture in its new home so we'll see.

A lesson learned - plan before you plant!

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