black eyed susan vine seeds???

realms(6a)October 24, 2004

hi, this is my first post with this site. i have read all the BESvine seed collection posts, but i am still having a hard time identifying the seeds on my vine that i still have outdoors. My vine is still thriving and producing tons of flowers despite the cooler weather, there are pod like thing that remain were the flower drops off but i am not clear on whether they are producing seeds. i have opened up a couple that have turned brown but all that is inside are fine, tiny spikes. Would those be the seeds or should i be looking for something else? if so, could someone please be kind enough to give me a good description of what i should be looking for. thank-you very much in advance to anyone who replys...i am looking forward to the responses.....lisa

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I'm wondering the same thing.
A lot of what I have collected seem to certainly be seeds.
However I'm new to this vine.
TONS of flowers but the seeds seem tricky. A few seeds have seemed almost ready then either to soft or they drop. They seem to not have a "hard coated seed" in the pod very often.

I hope someone can help.
I'll try to find this post later if I discover the answer.

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cherylk(Z5-Cent IL)

You're right Cynthia, those hard round objects are the seeds. I had two huge plants and probably ended up with only a couple of dozen seeds. Most of the time I think they burst open and went flying before I got to them.

Lisa, they are not easily found. To me, it was much easier to locate them while green and then try to catch them when they turned brown and before bursting.


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I came looking for info & instead found something I can reply to. I just spent an hour this evening removing those seeds from their little pods. :) The round brown thing w/the pointy little hat looks like it could be a large seed, but it's a pod. Inside just about every one I opened there were 4 hard black seeds the size of a peppercorn head. Two on each side of a central compartment. Most just rolled right out as soon as I gave the pod a gentle squeeze. It was SO NICE to be opening something that had seeds big enough for even me to see and didn't need any further cleanup.

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thanks mudpuppies mom...i haven't had anything that resembles what you have described yet, but i hope i will get some soon. i have tons of the pods that are left after the flower drops off but nothing that looks like seeds, even in the pods that have turned brown. i will keep my fingers crossed..and thanks to all for your info. lisa

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Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I'm from Malaysia. I have been frantically seaching for Black Eyed Susan seeds but to no avail. Can anyone tell me where to get it? I wonder if I can plant it in a country with all years humidity and heat?

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inthegarden_k(z7 NC)

swallowtail garden seds has them. they handle heat and humidity in the USA southeast...and they seem to like the hotter/wetter part of summer best. i don't know if there are restrictions on the seed shipments.

Here is a link that might be useful: swallowtail garden seeds

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This is my first year to grow Black Eyed Susan Vine, mine is blooming like crazy, I love it but can't find the seed to save. I've searched looking for pictures of what the seed pod looks like but no luck.

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This is an image of the pod. It is green at first and the tip is closed. It will turn brown and the seeds pop really far.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much for the photo! I see the green ones but have not seen any turn brown but will really keep my eyes out for something that looks like the photo you posted.

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I ,ve been growing them for years always got very few seeds even though I checked them everyday they would fall off this year I collected the pods green and dried pods in the house the seeds look good will have to see if they are good in spring. Patty

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Anyone have any Black Eyed Susan Vine seeds for SASE? I have been looking for them for awhile.

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Please post back when you try planting them in the spring, I'd really like to know how your seeds saved from the green pods do.
I looked every day up until frost got mine & never could find any like the picture Gypsea posted & really wanted to save some seed.
I'd love to have some seed if anyone has any spare seed, can sasbe or offer something in trade. This is my first year to save seed so don't have a great choice but plenty of Turk's Cap seed I can offer in trade. [a Hummer favorite]

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cjsmith(z6 SE MA)

If you find the green pods, you might consider tying a little mesh baggie around it. Then it cant escape--when it pops open you'll have the seeds in the baggie. Looks a bit strange though. Old nylons work well for baggies....

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I know that Eden Brothers has black eyed susan vine seeds. Tey are at

Here is a link that might be useful: Eden Brothers

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