What Salvias are in bloom?

hybridsageDecember 23, 2008

Hard to believe I stiil have a few Salvias in bloom.

Mostly S.microphylla,a few greggii,x Jamensis "Moonglow"

and one very protected S.coccinea. This is after several

day's of temperatures being in the upper 20's F (-2 degrees Celsius).Unusual for me. Just thought I would see what others have blooming south of the equator or in greenhouses

this time of year.


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ccroulet(z9 CA Sunset 18)

One of my Salvia mellifera has started to bloom, and a major bloom of my melliferas looks to be a couple of weeks away. A Salvia "Dara's Choice" (sonomensis X mellifera) has been blooming for about a month. S. mellifera is usually the first of our wild salvias to bloom. A Salvia spathacea (not native here) started blooming a month ago, but I rarely actually see the flowers. I think somebody chews them off at night. There are insect droppings on the stalk. Our S. greggii are still in bloom. It's time to cut them back, but they just keep going.

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CA Kate

Eastern Central Valley, California
All S. greggii
S. leucantha
S. "Maraschino Cherry"
S. coccinea
S. involucrata "Mulberry Jam"
S x Jamensis
S. muelleri
All S. microphylla

These are the ones I've noticed.

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I have to build special beds for the California Salvias
and only the S x Jamensis forms that have more S.greggii
in them grow here.Marachino Cherry has not been a good plant
for me either.Great blooms and Thanks for the reports.

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Though some of my salvias are still blooming lightly, I'm happy with these:

coral nymph
red coccinea
'lavender lace'
macrophylla 'Tingo Peru'
holwayi in the gh

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

I have the following in bloom in my greenhouse:

iodantha Baton Rouge
involucrata Hadspen
karwinskii x puberula
macrophylla Tingo Blue
guaranitica x gesneriflora(?) Jean's Purple Passion
flocculosa - weakly
thymoides - weakly
macrophylla x sagittata - prolifically! Richer, fuller blue flowers than Tingo Blue
greggii Lipstick - weakly
SL 411 - weakly
disjuncta (Logee form) - weakly
guaranitica Van Remsen form
some deep purple mexicanas

about to bloom:

involucrata Smith Coll

This was a really bad year for blooms for me, as bad as last year. Perhaps August was TOO cool and wet, but I doubt that's it.

Gotta propagate lots of the new sages from the Cabrillo College Salvia Summit & germinate seed from Robin, Ginny, & others.

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ccroulet(z9 CA Sunset 18)

> I have to build special beds for the California Salvias

Mine are planted on a slope in my backyard, but the soil is not ideal. Although it's mainly decomposed granite (good), there are horizons within it that are almost impenetrable to water (bad). The most successful plantings I've seen of Calif. salvias have either been in soil that is naturally gravelly or the people have actually replaced several inches of soil with gravelly soil. I'm talking about plantings here in so.Calif., where the climate is already suitable (i.e., I don't know about elsewhere). If you look at older threads in this forum with names like "Salvia clevelandii in California," I talk about the natural soils where I've found these plants. I posted photos, too.

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I hope to grow S.coumbariae,S.clevelandii,S.spathacea,
S.apiana and S.mellifera.I do have access to decomposed
granite too.I will check for that Thread and Pics.

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My pineapple sage behind my bedroom has gone to about 7' x 7' and it's been in bloom for almost 5 months. It looks terrible, but I can't cut it because multiple hummingbird families and many bees seem to still depend on it. The red S. guarantica has also been blooming for half the year, but frequent mini-prunings have kept it manageable and pretty and it is still getting hummers too.

S. jamensis pretty in bloom, but so low and untidy. S. 'Hot Lips" has a few scattered flowers and I think I'm ready to shear it a bit. S. aurea was beautiful at Cristmas/NYE last year, but I waited too long to prune and it died this summer :(

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I didn't know pinapple sage could get so big! Mine is maybe a foot tall. Maybe I should move it and see what happens.

Blooming for me-
S.Hot Lips
Pineapple sage
S. Dancing Flames
coccinea- white and pink
Vanhouti- purple and burgandy
iodantha Baton Rouge
unknown pink greggi
Salvia leucantha

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Huh! Still have not been home but down here in the south all has been freezing for weeks and all salvias outside will certainly have been killed (except S forsskaolii). It probably hasn't been as cold at home but presumably colder than usual so I am worried about my S gesneriiflora, esp as it was quite hard hit last year. It's staying well below freezing outside all day here, & I envy you Z9 folks!!

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Don't panic, Drusilla!!! Yes it has been ******* freezing for the last 2 weeks, but the fact that December was much more dry than usual, indicates that much will be surviving underground. North Wales has also been very cold, but your short distance from the coast has hopefully kept the temperature up a degree or so. A friend in Devon leaves his gesneriifloras outside in a sheltered spot in winter, and has had wonderful flowers all winter.....until this winter! I left my 2 giant plants outside, in a sheltered spot, this winter....wrong!!! Both burnt to death! BUT, rooted cuttings in the greenhouse are fine, with large buds. Just hope the heaters will cope with expected 12F tonight!


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Hi Robin, I wondered how you were faring! God, it has been cold, hasn't it - a bit better today. I shall take careful notes on what if anything survives at home - but I will be surprised if much does! I fear I will lose my iochromas, too, which are too big to move under cover anyway.

I shall be really upset if the gesneriiflora goes but there is a good chance the base will make it, I think - it is right up against the house (not that there's any heat in there as it's empty) in a sheltered corner and has a woody trunk about 3-4 cm in diameter. It usually flowers Feb-April, but not last year and not, I strongly suspect, this year! It needs a couple of mild years to get going again.

I'm quite glad to be here with my parents' efficient central heating!

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I went in town Tuesday Salvias blooming there were
S.regla "Jame Form"
S.microphylla "Hot Lips"
S.leucantha "Midnight"

At home (20 miles north)
S.microphylla "San Luis Potasi"
S.microphylla (several Seedling forms)
S. microphylla Wild Coral form in full bloom
S. microphylla X "Navajo Red" (Dufresne)
S. greggii "Sunset Coral"
S. greggii "Sunset Pink"(Petley)
S. greggii x Burgandy Wine(Petley)
S.greggii x Purple Passion (Petley)
S.greggii x Dark Dancer(Dufresne)
S.coccinea Red

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

S.greggii x Dark Dancer(Dufresne) is not one of mine, but originally came from M. Nevin Smith of Suncrest Nurseries in Watsonville, CA.

S. greggii Moonlight is his also.

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Thank you for the correction. I will update that in my database. Moonlight is not one I am familiar with,we have
a S X Jamensis "Moonglow". Just a guess but is "Moonlight" a soft yellow form also?

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Yep. It is a solid, uniform light yellow with a totally green calyx. Nevin thought it arose spontaneously from the white form. The white form is the one I got from Carroll Abbott way back in the 70's. Tony Avent is calling it `Texas Bride' now.

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peterls(N Yorks, UK)

Like the others from the UK - Its freezing here and there's nothing doing outside.

But inside the house I have S coccinea (seeds courtesy of Robin). Its just got the odd bloom now. I grew it in a light box in November 14 months ago and it started to bloom just over 12 months ago in early January and has bloomed virtually continuously since then.

I also have two large S splendens, a pink and a red form and they are still flowering - just. I took cuttings of both last October, again in a light box, and nearly all the red ones are flowering their heads off now - but not the pink.

Involucrata cutting made a few months ago are in a frost free but otherwise unheated greenhouse and have all starting to bloom within the last few days.

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Chiapensis is all that's blooming here. Dichlamys is trying but I don't think the flowers will set, it is just too cold on the porch. The forecast looked really depressing for next week a few days ago, to be down near zero, but today they revised it to the low teens. In weather like this it is easy to question the sanity of ones commitment to marginally hardy plants.

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My "Moonglow" has a green calyx I also have a form with
larger flowers I call fullmoon a sport of Moonglow.I am
curious now, maybe the same plants Moonglow and Moonlight.
My Moonglow plant is not as vigorous as my whites and much
more compact in habit but the trunk is quite large. the plant has been in my garden for 7 years.
I have several 3 white forms all differ in flower size.
Salvia "Moonglow" will not produce seed here where my
other white forms will set occasional seed.Their where
several yellow forms at the Jame population but no whites.

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