Salvia buchananii

nuthatch_mo(Z-6 MO)December 30, 2006

I have managed to get a few seeds of this Salvia. Any advise on how to grow it would be appriciated. Thanks

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Salvia_guy(z8 OR)


Here's how I sow my Salvia seeds.

Fill pots with moist potting mix that drains well. Sow seeds on the surface of the potting mix. Mist seeds well after sowing.

Optional Step
Place pots in a tub or sink filled with warm water. Allow the water to seep up through the mix until it breaks the mix surface. Remove the pots and allow to drain.

Place pots with sown seeds in a bright window. Cover pots with a plastic bag, for individual pots. If using a seed sowing kit place pots in tray and cover the whole tray with the plastic dome. Keep seeds moist, mist if needed. Bottom heat helps with germination.

Most salvia seeds will develop a gelatinous coating once they are moistened. Some will also develop a fuzzy mold on this coating prior to germinating. Salvia seeds start to germinate ( when the root first breaks through the seed shell) anywhere from 2 - 14 days, some may take even longer. A light misting can help stubborn seeds germinate.

Water seedlings from the bottom as needed.


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