carlavangeFebruary 21, 2014

Hello, I'm a newbie here and in the gardening world. I need a helping hand: I live in Rome, the city of the sun and never-ending springtime, but seasons have changed also in sunny Italy and I live in a flat with a small garden which is never touched by the sun. Not only that, I also have two dogs that sometimes spend time outside with me, plus, just underneath my garden there are the ceiling of the garage of my building, therefore there are severe problems of drainage. In the past year I've tried to grow grass but to no avail. I got fungus, the soil is always too damp and the result is some sparse green in a sort of brown and muddy land. Please, any suggestion would be appreciated. Gardeners say I have to forget about it but I'm stubborn :) Any chance for me? Thanks for any helping voice. Carla

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What you have described are NOT conditions conducive to growing a nice lawn. Lots of sun and good drainage are pretty much basic requirements. Why don't you consider some other, more shade loving groundcover?

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With poor drainage and shade forget about a lawn. It will never happen. With the drainage issue most plants are out. If you really want grass consider artificial turf. They have come a long way making this. Now it looks and feels like real grass. I have seen whole lawns of this and unless you are very close up you can't tell the difference

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there is a very low growing (flat) Lysimachia minutissima that likes moisture and you can walk on it etc. It also spreads and reseeds. Check out "stepables"

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pandora(Z5 OH)

I hate difficult growing sites too. Hope you are still around.
How about plants that take foot traffic?
See website as example. Maybe between flat stones like in picture on stepables website.

Try Google search on. Stepables.

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