Pagoda Dogwood?

aggiebee(6b)February 19, 2011

I have a stretch in my backyard that gets some morning sun, and then dappled sun/shade through the afternoon. The soil is good, amended, rich with worms etc, although below that is clay. Peonies do pretty well here as do azaleas.

It is always moist, almost weirdly so. Drainage seems pretty good but it is so moist and cool that moss grows on the bricks used to outline the bed.

This bed borders our neighbor's property and I was looking for something that could thrive here and provide some privacy. I don't mind height, it will not cast any shade on anything that needs sun.

I may put in a hydrangea but there will be plenty enough space for a tree too.

Would there be enough sun for a Pagoda Dogwood?

And if not, does anyone have any other recommendations?


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Sounds like it would be a pretty nice choice! This is a native tree that prefers a moist, acidic soil in at least partial shade.......I think you've hit all of those :-)

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Thanks gardengal48. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything obvious.

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