Salvia powdery mildew

jessica_918(9)December 31, 2009

Hi all. I have ten or so home grown (from seed) "Blue Bedder Sage" saliva, that's what my seed packet says at least. These are supposed to be perennials, and then are still putting out blooms, but as I was cleaning them up yesterday, I found powdery mildew spots on the oldest leaves. The leaves have been dying at the tips and then dropping off for a few weeks, and I couldn't figure out why. Now I think it's because of the mildew. So, is there a treatment for powdery mildew or should I just cut my losses and take out my plants? I greatly appreciate any advice, as I don't know how to deal with this mildew!

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Your problem is pretty common with the Cultivated S.farinacea like Victoria,Blue Bedder,etc.. I have
found a Safe/Cheap method of spraying that will control this.
Mix 10 Parts Water to 1 part Milk. 1) don't use
milk labeled "Organic" .2) Tells you all the nice thiings they put in our milk.

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So, don't use organic milk? What percentage fat milk? I usually have non-fat in my house, so don't that matter? Thanks for your information and help!

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Non-fat is fine. The organic milk does not have all
the chemicals etc..

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Nice to know about the milk. I've been using 2 tsps. baking soda and 1 Tbsp. of dish soap in a gallon of water, and letting it dissolve overnight. Milk sounds quicker, if more expensive. Also, except for the ones on the south wall, my bedding sage is going dormant, now.

Kevin : )

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Be careful with your the baking soda being it is
Sodium bicarbonate it can cause burn (sodium). Baking soda
has been used as a fungicide. You can use potasium bicarbonate for the same thing and should be availbale
from Bonide as a fungicide.Please apply at the proper rate.

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Interesting methods, I have tried bee balm , grand marshall the last two years and love how they look till they get the mildew. I have now pretty much given up on these since they are so difficult with the mildew.

Can someone clear up something for me. I am confused on what some people on calling bubblegum mint. At first I thought It was a strain of the agastache cana that I have , then I saw pics of the agastache tutti frutti which I also have which was being called bubblegum mint also. So which is correct.

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Art, thank you. I'm very careful with the baking soda, and haven't had any problems so far, but it's another reason to try milk--or potassium bicarbonate. It's going to be another couple of months before my bedding sage wakes up again, so I'll try them on my roses as they leaf out after this month's pruning. Phoenix has become midew city for roses in the last ten years!

Steve, that's the thing with common names: anyone can call any plant anything they like. If you want some particular plant, you need to know its botanical name, and the registered cultivar name. Sometimes frustrating when nurserymen go all promotional, or all you know is what your grandma used to call it (I've been looking for my father's "sumphgherkins" for decades). Some people call all Agastaches by the name "bubblegum mint".

Kevin : )

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