Golden Rain Tree Seeds

allyson00(z9 Houston)November 10, 2004

Does anyone know if the seeds from a golden rain tree will produce actual "golden" rain trees? I ask because I read this statement on a website ".....Genetic tests have shown that the yellow form is due to genetically recessive gene. Among seedling the ratio is one yellow seedling to thousands green ones...."

Would this mean that of the 50 seedlings I'm growing from seeds I may not get a true yellow one...but they may be all green?

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iluvbonsai(z7b VA)

That's correct. However, there is a very slight possiblity that one of the seeds you have will produce the actual Golden Rain Tree. The way it works is when there are more than one type of the same tree, in this case the rain tree, in the same vacinity, there is a proccess that happens called cross polination. If there was several green rain tree in the same vacinity of the golden rain tree, then it would have more of the genes that make up the green rain tree in the seeds than the golden rain tree genes. That cuts the chances of getting one golden rain tree seed out of just 50 rain tree seeds very slim. But there is still that chance that you go lucky. I hope this all makes since.

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FLOWPOW2(Zone 7-8 bc. ca)

Well, I received 6 seeds in a trade! Hopeless I guess! I don`t have room to grow 6 trees that are only green, I want a yellow one !! LOL!! I can`t seem to nick these seeds anyway, there Soooo tough! Will they germinate anyway? Thanks, FLOW

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Does anyone know how many years it is before a golden rain tree propagated from a seed will bloom? I feel like FLOWPOW2 and would hate to spend all of that time and energy only to find out there are no yellow ones. If I propagate a tip cutting and the parent plant has yellow blooms, will that propagated plant "definitely" be yellow or could it also revert to green?

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I have Golden Rain Trees & have saved seedlings for years, have never had any revert to green blooms.
I've never heard of it reverting to green blooms before so checked the comments at Dave's Garden, nothing there about it either.
Good luck... :-)

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

If the seeds came from a yellow GRT that is the only specimen around, then the seeds will almost surely produce the yellow (since they have self pollinated). If, however, there are green GRT's around your yellow GRT then, since the green is dominant, you will have a better chance of producing the green variety.

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Does anyone have a good picture of a rain-tree?
If so,,,could you E* it to me? Thanks Laurie***

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

There are some close-ups on my website (link on my member page).

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i have a golden rain tree and live no where near another one. how do you start the seeds.. the pods are turning brown and seeds are turning from green yellow to black. please if you know let me know when are how to plant them.

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Can someone please share the secret of planting some yellow rain tree seeds. How have 3 pods from a tree and I was wanting to grow from these pods. What do I have to do? THANKS!

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Hi All,

Well I just moved from an apartment in Aliso Viejo where there had been a stunning GRT that kept me "company" for a few years. I loved the tree and decided I would take some of the seed pods with me to my new home.

I placed the seeds in the refrig. (butter compartment), wrapped in damp paper towel. They remained in the comparment for about 5 months.

Two weeks ago I checked the seeds and found several were sprouting. I took some and planted them in 10 gallon containers.

I put 4 seeds in each. Three containers now have little baby GRT's. One container did not deliver.

Yesterday, I started 4 more pots.

I have 40 or 50 seeds left. I am so excited to have the offspring of a tree I loved so much, right here in my yard.

I am also planning on giving each of my kids a tree to plant in their own yards.

I am super green...and not in the green thumb way, regarding nursing a tree to full size. So far it is fun and very satisfying.

As for yellow vs. green, imho, these trees are truly beautiful with out the flowers. The flowers and the lantern like seed pods are just the icing on the cake.

The tree bark has a beautiful grey taupe color relatively smooth texture, the 12 year old I enjoyed was managed well, and pruned high every year. The canopy is beautiful and birds love to hang out in the tree as it is full and provides shade during hot days.

I wish you all success!

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To robyn 9... Well said. I lived in Lansing Mi. for years and studied Horticulture Landscape there (I Graduate next month YEAH). The Golden rain tree was one my class and I seen first hand. Lansing has done a great job planting trees like these, all over the place. To me, when this tree comes into bloom, it really stands out. I love it. Well now I live in Homer, Mi and the closest Golden Rain trees I see around here are in Albion Mi (about 20 minutes away). Since I am a seed collector and my son has a close friend who lives there, I have recently picked up GRT seeds off of a side walk this Spring 2014. I have sent out in the mail, all of my extras and now ready to start growing them myself.

I get great satisfaction growing and learning everything and anything I can. I love all the different types of propagations too. I try to master all.
Since my GRT seeds have had the experience of being outside all winter long, I'm going to soak half of my seeds in water for 24 hours and plant . If you like, I could post my results.

Also, since I make it a point to know how to I.D. every tree I see, and have never see a regular Rain tree, then my chances of growing an actual Golden Rain tree is good, according to WebKat5 . Self Pollinated
I just became a member of this site and looking foward to following this forum.
Always, Sandy

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I had six seedlings just come up. The are very pretty. I just popped them into a 4" pot in the window over my kitchen sink. I did nothing special. The seeds were already black and the lanterns were starting to open. It was very cold outside so probably cold next to that window.

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I transplanted each one into its own 1 gallon pot... all survived. I frequently start tree seeds this way. I plant them out at the beginning of my monsoon season.

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