Saving and preparing vegetable seeds

pat45November 3, 2008

I have collected nastursium, pole bean and butternut squash seeds for planting next year.

Please tell me where I can find the proper way of drying, freezing to kill "bugs" and storing the seeds over the winter.

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Hi Pat,
Your Nasturtium and Squash only need to be left to dry and then put in a paper envelope to store in a dark cool dry place.
The beans can be frozen to kill any weevils after they have been dried. Drying just involves leaving them spread out on a paper plate or a regular plate with paper towels for at least a week after harvest. I usually leave them for a couple to be sure. To see if they are dry enough for freezing, take a few outside and smash them with a hammer on concrete or other hard surface. If they shatter, they are dry enough. If they smush, they need to dry longer.
Once dry enough, put them in your freezer for a week. If you put in an air tight container, let the container come to room temp before opening. If you open too soon, you can kill the seed. You can keep the bean seed in the freezer for long term storage just remember to wait every time before opening the container. I prefer to just keep in a dark cool dry place to make it easier.
Hope this helps,

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