Salvia Madrensis

phoebe1969(z8CA)December 3, 2005

I purchased a plant earlier this year and put it in a deep raised bed. It got quite large and was budding when we got our first bad temperatures - it was 28* and it damaged all the foliage. I then covered it at nights in case these temps returned. I noticed that the square stems have split from the freeze and I had not cut the tips or branches. Will the root stock come back if I keep it mulched and cover the top still. I read what Betsy said about hers and realize that this is a guide line as there are always variables in conditions. If it makes it I hope that it would bloom sooner as a more established plant. She said she cuts her back after a bloom also. Anyone with advice I appreciate it. Thank you.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

As long as the original cutting had a node under the soil line, it should put out short stolons that will eventually form a clump. The one I saw at the Huntington Botanical Garden in the 80s was so big that parking a small pickup truck over the cut back bed would not totally cover it.

You can control its size, of course. If you are not sure if there is a subterranean node, plant it deeper and add some mulch (hardwood bark is best.)

Bloom time is controlled by average daytime temperatures. The length of the period of coolish autumn days is the determining factor. The longer this period is, the sooner autumn and winter blooming sages will flower out. The worst condition is to have a long, hot summer and go to winter conditions over less than 14 days.

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