Suggestions for shrubs/trees to grow in shade, zone 5?

carota18March 13, 2014

I have a large lightly wooded (and heavily weeded)area that hasn't been taken care of in years. I love having the different layers of trees, however most of the medium sized plants are invasive, mostly buckthorn. Assuming I can get a good part of this cleared out I want to replant something that will grow at about that height or less. Anyone have suggestions for shrubs/trees that will grow to about 10 feet, give or take a few feet either way? Must be able to survive in shade and zone 5. Thanks

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there are many which PREFER sun but will also do quite well in shadey situation Amelanchier, cercis, nandina, cornus florida, hydrangeas, Rhododendron, azaleas, piers, stewartia, mahonia, etc etc

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You will in general have best blooming if you plant them where there is at least some sun. I will often plant in brighter areas and along the edges of my woods to get the best bloom, but many plants will grow loosely in deeper shade. What is your soil like, both in texture and pH? I have acid fine sandy loam, and if your area is at all similar to mine, I will have lots of suggestions, but they all require acid soil.

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Does lightly wooded = dappled shade? Then most all of the shrubs mentioned by shadeyplace will do although some require acid soil-- I suggest viburnums, so many to choose from.

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