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cait1December 2, 2005

Purchased as S hians though it's not - the lower lip is a true purple compared to the reddish purple tube. (The pic doesn't show the color variation unfortunately.) But the underside (or external side) of the lower lip is white (second pic). The leaves are somewhat hastate, grass green above and silvery beneath. Can this be S przewalskii? Whatever it is, I really like it, especially the blue-tipped stamen.

(click on pics to enlarge image)


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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

The Salvia hians I grew once, from seed obtained from P. Kohli & Sons in Srinagar, India, had the color of that in your images, and was two-toned, with a bluish-purple tube and a purer shade of blue for the lower lip. The flower was quite large, big enough to admit a bumblebee, about 1.2 cm wide and 2.5 cm long.

S. przewalskii is a lot smaller, and very variable. It does better for me in subtropical North Carolina.

Lots of salvia flowers show the feature of the exterior backside of the lips being a different color, usually with less pigment. The part of the flower hiding inside of the calyx usually lacks pigment as well, but not always.

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That's an awesome salvia, if you get spare seeds I'd be first in line to trade. Thanks for sharing the pictures!


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