Pollination of Morning Glory

Robin282(z7 SE MA Coast)November 14, 2005

Hello to All,

Can anyone tell me about Morning Glory Pollination? DO they cross easily? I know beans, for example, generally pollinate before the flower fully opens, so they can be planted fairly closely without too much concern about crossing. I have some really great Morning Glories I would like to plant next year and save the seed from. How far apart must I put them to keep them true? Do certain ones cross, and others not? With squashes, melons will cross with each other, but not with pumkins, so there are divisions there. Do Morning Glories have this? I noticed the ones I planted this year had different leaf shapes, and wondered if maybe they were different enough not to cross.

I appreciate any advice in this area.

Thank you!


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I don't know much about MG's, but seed that others had sent me did not come out close to what they were supposed to be. Could've just been a fluke, but I'm learning to plant them separately, as best I can ;) Try asking over on the Vine forum; there are alot of MG experts over there.

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From what I've read....MG's do cross polinate easily. I read in one of my garden books that different varieties should be planted about an acre away from eachother (ok? in what world?).

I planted mine in corners of my yard to try to avoid cross polination (our lot is 1 acre). We'll see if my varieties remain true.

I recently traded with you, not any MG's though. Take Care and hope this helps.

Alice "michiganalice"

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They cross. MG seeds are viable a long time. You are better off planting only one variety or isolating them by flower time. The only other option is hand pollination, which is not easy and a pain in the neck. The site below will not directly answer your question but it is a nice resource on JMGÂs.


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