Seeds from a flower bouquet

plantas(8bCA)November 14, 2005

New gardener here. I was wondering if seed can actualy be saved from a bouquet of flowers, given to me.

Might be a dumb question, but hey' don`t hurt to ask.

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Not. Because the seed didn't have a chance to mature on the plant.

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Thanks Elvis,
Thats something new I learned today. *S*

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If they are self-pollinaters, or if they were pollinated before cut, some kinds will mature on spent flower, hung upside down in dry paper bag. What flowers are they?

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Hi Brenda
Some are roses and others are Lillies, on the Lilly, I notice some brown specks on the flower, that might be seeds,I don`t know.

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oogy4plants(6B MD)

I did this with some celosia from a bouquet. The bouquet was a fresh local one from a farmer's market. The celosia started dropping seeds and I kept them. They grew just fine.

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magus(8a BC)

Celosias keep their colour and form a bit after they are pollinated, so they were probably cut after pollination, and after the seeds started growing. Lily seeds are flat brown things, more or less three-sided, and around 1/4" in diameter. They also form in rather large-ish pods. Rose seeds are formed in the hips (the fruit, that is). Either way, they wouldn't be visible outside the pod/fruit. Also, with most plants, including lilies and roses, if you see flower, there will not be seed. By the time seeds are ready (even before they even started forming), the flower would be long since wilted and lost their petals. The brown specks are probably either flower parts, marking on the petals, or signs that the flowers are starting to wilt.

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One time I bought a bunch of carnations at a grocery store and they actually grew roots in the vase! Although, I never tried to grow them as plants because I hate carnations!
You Never Know!!

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