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Matt1979March 19, 2014

Sorry if this is the wrong spot as I'm looking for partial shade plants. We bought our house a year ago and the couple had 4 extremely overgrown boxwood in the westward facing front yard. I got 2 pulled up last spring and the other two this past weekend. The brick planters they are in are 4x12 and the other is 4x16 with a concrete fountain in the center. Planters are separated by the walkway leading to my front door and behind the planter's is my front porch where we want to put a bistro table and chairs.

I planted things in the spring in the smaller planter and it did not meet my wife's expectations. Not enough color, looks dead in winter, etc...

The what?

She is leaving it up to me to plant things and I'm at a loss and the only help that I'm getting is more color and i don't want it to look dead in the winter. Some plants that I like.

Otto Luyken Laurel
Japanese Yew

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edit: 5b not 6b

I'm surrounded by large maple and oak trees i do get filtered sun light for about 5-6 hours

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Wish you were my hubby! How deep are the planters?
I wouldn't be able to resist azaleas for spring bloom. Rhododendrons need a deep planter and exceed 4 ft. width. Maybe there are dwarf types. Hydrangeas come in dwarf sizes. Not sure of dimensions of your other 3 names.

Ferns can be planted with any of the following for color.
Begonias (tuberous - tender)
Cyclamen (hardy type)
Dicentra (Bleeding Hearts)
Impatiens (tender) (tall and short varieties)
Pansies / Violas

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Thanks for the feedback.

Funny you mention azaleas as my wife finally pointed out a neighbor's house that had them and said she liked them. I thought about ferns but with 3 small kids was worried that they would tear them apart, not sure how delicate the plants are, as my boys are not delicate.

The planter itself is raised about a 18 inches and appears to be bottomless. I dug down about 2 feet to get the rootballs out and then tilled in fresh compost and topsoil.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Great depth! You've got many choices. Nice prep work.
Doesn't everything look dead in the winter!

Actually most ferns are as sturdy as azaelas. I would look for those with individual stems coming up as if one is broken, another will replace it. Good luck.

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