Florida Anise

michele_1March 30, 2007

All my other plants in this shade garden are doing great! Except my florida anise. I'm thinking these plants will do better when more tree leaves leaf out. We had unseasonably hot weather, highs 85, and the leaves have just started leafing out. Wonder if that's the problem, or if it could be something else. Any ideas?

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What is the problem you are experiencing with the Fla. Anise? In your Zone, It should be flowering now. After transplanting, it requires a number of years to become acclimated and begin to produce active growth and eventually, flowers. If the area in which it is planted is dry and/or the soil is somewhat sandy (sharp drainage), it will require additional time to become established. Be sure it receives adequate moisture, as it's native habitat is primarily in wetlands.

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It just doesn't "look happy!" A few brown leaves on one plant. Not thriving, not particularly pretty. Not dying or wilting either.

I am creating two bog gardens on the west side of my property: one sun, one shade. Should I move the anise to the shade bog garden (does it like wet feet?!). Leave it where it is and see, water it a bit more? Or wait and transplant it to the shade bog garden this fall?

It's a bit dry where it is, but I do water this area often. There are other water loving plants around it.

Thanks, Michele

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mandy_g(7 - NEMS)

Hi, Michelle - I hate to bring bad news, but my Anise died (I'm in your zone). It was in high shade, so I don't think waiting until your trees leaf out will help. Mine is also in a "wet" place.

I could have done something totally wrong and yours will come out and look great, but I just thought I'd let you know.

As a matter if fact, that's why I'm in this particular forum - to see if I could get some good ideas for something to replace this anise. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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Michele.....I would leave it alone. From experience, they can adapt to various types of habitat. I have planted them on one of the GA barrier islands, in sand, with only a few inches of humus topsoil and they have survived for several years. In that location, they are extremely slow growing, but have adapted to drier than usual habitat, I have also observed them grown in pots and they seemed perfectly happy, with normal flower and seed production.
I have both flower colors, the red/maroon and white flowered one's, planted on a clay hillside under Oak, Pine and Dogwood trees, among many different Native and Nonnative shrubs, amall trees, deciduous and coniferous, and perennials. One of them has been there for more than 15 years. I recently found a bargain priced yellow flowered one, Illicium parviflorum, that has been in a pot for several years, that I intend to add in the same area. In their native habitat, at least 99% are found in wetlands, but it too, seems to tolerate less than ideal conditions, in a pot.
Good luck with yours!

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Michele... I forgot to add that it is usual for them to shed some leaves this time of the year and you will have yellowing leaves, turning brown before new growth appears.

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I have a row of 7 (now 6) florida anise which gets morning sun. I think they get enough water, because I have another one that gets a lot more sun, and I can tell when it is wilted. Last year, the lower leaves on one plant started yellowing and dropping off, although the top leaves still looked strong and happy. Eventually every single leaf fell off, but I left it to see what would happen, and this spring there are new growth shoots coming up from the base. Now 2 other plants are starting to do the same thing. THese plants hide the house foundation, so I can't lose them. What do you think is wrong? Are they too wet, or too dry? I couldn't find any sign of bugs.
Thank you for your thoughts.

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