Wild Magnolia

tegg06March 8, 2009

I moved into a house a few summers ago that is over 25 years old in the Coastal NC area. There is a wooded easement at the back of the house that looks like a few fairly large wild magnolias. I have have not yet seen any blooms. I read that wild magnolias were to bloom like crazy? Is there a chance it's too old to bloom? I read pruning is something that you should not do to a magnolia. I think it gets plenty of sunlight since they are on the edge of the easement behide our fence facing our house. The other half of the tree probably has a lot of over growth and aggressive vines behind it. Any salvage here???

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The only factor that age plays in blooming is sometimes plants are too young to bloom. If they look healthy (not dying), then they should be blooming. You're right that getting enough sun is an issue. Perhaps clearing away some of the growth (competition?) and vines behind it would help (but watch out for poison ivy! - learn to recognize it if you don't know).

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