need a spruce up!

KLoMeMarch 14, 2014

I currently live in New Orleans, but am trying to sell a house in St. Louis (zone 5b). It has a small, steep, terraced front yard ( for pictures) that gets a lot of shade from a large tree between the sidewalk and street (not pictured).
I'd like to pretty it up for spring. Considerations: I am obviously too far for upkeep/watering, but have someone mow the lawn every 2 weeks or so, who could probably do minor upkeep, too. I do not want to spend much money - just want to give it more curb appeal. Any suggestions, including when and what to plant, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Without spending a lot more money than you might want, I would keep it very simple, maybe some pots with annuals. Anyone who buys will "do their own thing". This is just my opinion...Lovely house by the way.

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wow....that takes me back.....used to live a couple of blocks away, 3600 block of McDonald.

i don't know how properties are moving in south city are moving right now, but the summertime will be tough if it's still on the market. The only thing that I can think of might be some of the taller sedums. There is a dark-leaved variety tht I can imagine looking nice in a fairly rigid pattern with a contrasting mulch. It could look nice and formal/modern if done in a repeating pattern.


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