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plantingMarch 26, 2007

I live in ohio. My back yard is up against a public pool. There is 8 feet of trees and poison ivy between the pool property and my property line. I was hoping someone could give me suggestions for evergreen type planting I could put on my property line to block out the view. Note: Deer are heavy in this area and the yard is shady because of the buffer zone of trees. They are tall with leaves up high so they don't block the view. I originally thought I would plant pine trees but I don't think they would thrive due to the shade. Rodies and azalia are deer food. Any suggestions

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try Norway Spruce

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Taxus or Yew are lush, dark green and dense, how tall do you need then to grow, there are many varieties, and the dense branching will help to block some of the noise as well as the view. Janet

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If you are concerned at all about deer don't use Yews. I made that mistake about 10 years ago in the back garden of my former house. The deer stripped the Yews as far as they could reach.
You might think of hemlocks if wooly adelgid is not a problem in your area. It is a problem here in coastal Maine and elsewhere along eastern seaboard.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

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