Evenings with Paris

geoforce(z7a SE PA)March 30, 2014

Several years ago, while browsing eBay listings, I decided What-the-H*** and bid on a BR plant of Paris (unspecified spesies). What arrived was a section of rhizome about the width of a pencil and about 2 inches long which I soaked for a few hours and planted in my shade garden.

Year 1: Nada, thought it had died.
Year 2: Small whorled leaf. Hurray it survived after all.
Year 3: Slightly larger leaf, still alive.
Last year: FINALLY! A bloom on a plant about 12 inches tall and about as thick stemmed as a match. It's P. polyphylla.

NOW: Although it isn't fully up yet, the growing point pushing out is bigger than my thumb (and I have large hands). This species is said to get up to over 3 feet high, so I'm hoping. Isn't gardening wonderful?

Always fun to take a chance on something different.

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I planted a few of those years ago and they NEVER came up I bought some already potted from asiatica? I think and they are doing well. Never heard of it getting that large however. Mine are possibly a foot tall and about 5 years old.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)


It didn't get to three feet but did reach 18 inches. Opened flower on May 9 here. Certainly a big improvement over last year.

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