Malabar Spinach

ruthzNovember 27, 2012

Do I need to let the seeds dry on the vine?
I have quite a few black seeds now, but they look like ripe berries full of juice.

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Hi Ruth,
There is a seed in the middle of each berry. In my Seed to Seed book. it is recommended to put the seed in a fine mesh strainer and rub against the sides under running water to remove the outer berry part. The put on paper towels on plate to dry complete.

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Thanks for the info remy.
Maybe this will help others with the same question.
Yesterday I wore gloves and rubbed each berry as hard as I could between my fingers as I picked them.
I put them in a colander and ran water over to get as much color out as possible, then put on paper towels to dry.
They actually dried a lot overnight and today I separated more of the pulp from the seeds.
Overall it was pretty easy.

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