S.blepharophylla 'La dulce Numbres'

hybridsageDecember 29, 2009

Looking thru some old notes I found this which would

translate S.blepharophylla "The Sweet Numbers" so I guess for clarification we need to go to the source?Pat McNeal list it as La dolce Numbres which would not be right either.Some of our local nurseries have dropped the cultivar name. Help.Lets get this worked out right.


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I mentioned this on the "Betsy Clebsch" thread... She (and others) translated it incorrectly. It is named after the town in which it was found in Mexico, Dulces Nombres. In English, this means sweet NAMES, *not* sweet numbers. The word for numbers in Spanish is "números". Hope that helps.

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Thank you. After reading that thread I started looking for
information on that here at home from some years ago.Above is what was found. I never got to talk to Carl or John of
Yucca do about that.
Thank you again.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Here is the Harvard University Herbaria Specimens web page for Salvia blepharophylla from Dulces Nombres:


From San Luis Potosi:


The type locality is in San Luis Potosi: Minas de San Rafael, not in Dulces Nombres as I have believed.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

I use Global Gazetteer to locate the Mexican communities:


Of the three Dulces Nombres in Nuevo Leon, only one is in the mountains:


From the herbarium sheet, this would place the collection site on the east side of the mountains The NV-Tam. state border is a short distance from Dulces Nombres to the east. I think the approach to Dulces Nombres would be to drive west from El Barretal, Tamaulipas.

Note that there is no article "La" in the name, and the spelling is "nombres". This info will be necessary to get a good search on Global Gazetteer.

Here is the GG info on the Minas de San Rafael, SLP sites: nothing for the full name, about 12 for San Rafael.

From a Google search (article on Pinguicula gypsicola):

"Minas de San Rafaël are at 11 Km south-est of Charcas San Luis Potosi and at 100 Km north of the town of San Luis Potosi."

Charcas is on a road due north of San Luis Potosi city, running west of the Pan-Am highway (Mex route 57), and Minas de San Rafaël is a well-known collection area. The Patria map of SLP shows a road leading southeast of Charcas to Est. Charcas. (a railroad station as shown on the GG map)

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Well, the plant that I purchased at Sloat nursery in S.F. doesn't have a specific name... it only says S. blepharophylla. It is one of my favorite salvias. The foliage has turned quite a lovely shade of purple over the course of the cooler weather, and it is *still* blooming. Cuttings sure don't root easily, though! I've collected a fair amount of seed from it.

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The blepharophylla 'Dulces Nombres' of my memory has larger flowers, of a more saturated vermillion, than the 'regular' species...

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

voodoobrew, yours would most likely be either Diablo (with the yellow anthers excised and resembling devil's horns) or its related seedling, Pianted Ladies (nearly identical, with much larger flowers. Foliage aspect ratio (length x width) is the same for both, and the old-fashioned form (no varietal name) as well. Dulces Nombres has shorter, squatter leaves, with the edge hairs noticeably more prominent. Betsy Clebsch has it in her collection.

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