lavendrfem(z6 CT)November 8, 2005

Hi everyone,

I picked some bittersweet today on a walk through a park. What do I do now to save the seeds? :) And any advice on this shrub/vine would be greatly appreciated. I've always loved it, but I hear it can be invasive. Anyone ever try to grow it on the edge of a wooded area?


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What kind do you have -- American or Oriental? One is a native, and the other is an aggresive and invasive alien that is displacing the native. The American is becoming rare and the Oriental, while beautiful, is taking over. I had it on a fence and it climbed onto everything within it's reach, including getting high up into a maple, smothering branches and generally trying choke things out. If you have Oriental bittersweet, it may not be legal to grow it in your state; check with your state's DNR and their invasive plant list (should be on the web). You definitely don't want to plant Oriental bittersweet near a wooded area. I love the berries but it's a real problem plant.

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