Little garden visitor

Lothlin(5b)August 6, 2012

I went out this evening to survey the roses and check for japanese beetles and found this guy hitching a ride on ELLE

still can't see it? POWER OF ZOOM!

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Hmm...I was getting some cuttings ready to mail earlier and a very similar looking spider was hanging out on Star of the Republic! I wonder if it's poisonous?


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I don't think so - some digging reveals that it's almost certainly a crab spider, and the wonder of google says they're not dangerous to humans. That said, I'm hoping he takes out some japanese beetles for me (though he may be on the small side...)

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Great bloom close-up pics of the rose and the spider!

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I'm always happy to see spiders on my roses since they're carnivorous. All spiders are poisonous but, except for black widows and brown recluse spiders, only in tiny amounts that won't harm anyone, and the nasties don't hang around on roses, so they're strictly beneficial.

Very nice photos!

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