iluvbonsai(z7b VA)November 11, 2004

We have a coulple of Bougainvilleas in our "green house". What I was wondering is if they get any seeds on them. I know that the flowers are actually bracts with a tiny white flower in the center of the bracts, but I have never seen any seeds associated with where the flowers have died. Do they even get seeds and where would the be located if they do.

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Bougainvillea flowers & forms seed pods in the fall. I have seen tiny colored flowers inside the bract; not necessarily white. The pod is about 1 inch long, with tiny seeds inside.

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iluvbonsai(z7b VA)

Do you know how to grow them from seed? If I can get some before they drop, I'd like to try growing them from seed as long as I know how to do it.

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I am experimenting on growing them at present  they are usually propagated from cutting. I would go ahead & save the pods as they seem do disappear quickly. I will repost when I have found a successful method.

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iluvbonsai(z7b VA)

OK, sounds great. I would think though that they would have a large problem with damping off disease. Good luck with them though. I think I'll collect a bounch of the seeds if I can before they drop and try experimenting.

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Iluvbonsai, a couple of us have had success with starting Bougainvillea from seed. They can damp off, as you were concerned about, but they can also grow. Here are the threads:

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Hi, has anyone had any success with growing Bougainvillea
from seed? If you have, how did you go about it?

I live in the U.K., and at the moment several pods are still on my plant, although the bracts have gone really dry, and faded looking. The pods look as if they have swollen somewhat, so l am hopeful that there may be seed/seeds inside. I don't know how long it takes for the seeds to ripen sufficiently to be gathered, or how to tell when is the right time to do so. Also, if there are any, would they have to be stored in a particular way before planting, and when would they have to be planted?

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